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Day 544

Two jokes that got a laugh today while going nuclear

I had an appointment to get a renal nuclear scan today, which means that they inject some kind of radioisotope into your veins, and then sit you under a geiger counter and see how well your kidneys are working. The people working there were very friendly and helpful, and they even laughed at my jokes.

Joke #1: A man brings his dog to the vet in a crate. The vet examines it and says, "I have some bad news; your dog is dead." The man doesn't believe it; he insists that the doctor check to make sure. The doctor brings in a cat, who sniffs the dog and shakes his head. The man insists on another test; the doctor brings in a Labrador retriever. The dog also shakes his head. The doctor says, "That will be $500." The man says, "what! $500 to tell me my dog is dead?" "Well," the doctor explains, "I only charge $25, but the Cat Scan was $200 and the Lab fee is another $225."

Joke #2 comes tomorrow, but it's almost as bad as this one.

I see "stone doctor" on Friday to see how they'll shoot out this blockage. They'll use a "laser...."

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