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Day 31


The office is quiet today. I needed a day like this - where I can wind down and stop moving at 100mph for my job. I almost feel guilty taking it (mostly) easy today...


My mind and emotions have been stretched in so many directions the last few weeks. Part of it is the hormone imbalance caused by a new brand of birth control - it's making me experience random emotions. Lately it's been causing me to cry and feel miserable over the smallest things: Honeybun didn't make breakfast, I lost a phone charger, I forgot to complete a task - It all makes me sob like a child even though I know it's ridiculous. It's been hard on Honeybun, and I've been telling him to just hold me tight, tell me he loves me, and let me ride through it. He keeps thinking he's making me unhappy and that he's doing something wrong, and I have to re-explain that my hormones are screwed up, and that I'll balance out in another week or two. He's a great boyfriend, I just need to be snuggled and reassured right now.

I'm trying to control myself to make it easier on him.

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