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Day 171


During my rare down-times I've been studying up on different skills. Lately it's been coding (starting with javascript) and basics of technical writing. It feels out of my element, but my normal style of writing isn't known for making money. Every now and again I browse job listings just to get ideas of what's out there and what skills are in demand.

I'm a bit disheartened that there aren't many well-paying opportunities that fit me. Rav, if you're reading this, you really got to me the other day when you said I should quit my job and start a website. It lit a little fire in my heart and I started digging into the blogging world - not as a way to make money, but as a nice hobby that could help myself and maybe others.

Blogging interests me greatly, but it's difficult for this indecisive otter to pick a niche. I don't feel I have much to say, and I don't think what little I do say would interest others enough. The world is already so saturated with blogs, what more could I possibly add that wouldn't just get lost in the sea of it all?

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Otter; I totally understand. I think you need to pick a micro-niche, that would attract attention outside of your immediate world. Seriously, you could make a blog about kale, about the trash you find on the sidewalk, about a bus stop... it's really not important, as long as you have cool photos or drawings, and something that you say on a regular basis. Then you'll learn how to make it appear in SEOs and get some notice.....

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    Thanks, Rav! Tried to rate your comment 5 stars, but please forgive my clumsy fingers. lol

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