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Day 677

Up North With The Kids For The Week...

RenegadeDaughter reserved an AirBnb for us about 2 ½ hours drive north of the city. Our intention is to cook awesome meals, hang out, talk, eat, drink various spirits, do some light drugs (at least, I will....) and, it turns out, assemble a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Son is now 21, Daughter is 28, and I have to say, they're just good kids (not innocent, mind you) and they get shit done: Son shoveled the icy walk up to the house, Daughter lit a fire and arranged the kitchen. After we prepared a fine meal, we argued about the behavior of each of our generations (I'm a Baby Boomer, Daughter considers herself a "Gen Xer" and Son has been told he's a "millenial.")

I know there are families out there which don't get along, but we do; maybe because we've been through a lot together, maybe because we're somewhat chill (well, Daughter can be uptight at times.....), maybe because.... I have no idea.

I like to joke that my kids turned out well in spite of any parenting I attempted on them. It's totally true and our start to our 4 day adventure has been terrific......

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