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Day 524

Up to other end....

I went in for my biopsy on Friday; it turned out that they do it through your ass (women, if this is "TMI", skip this; men, you might enjoy this...) Actually, the whole thing went fast, and it turns out you can crack a lot of ass jokes while doing it.

Basically, then take a device which looks like a curling iron, put a lot of lube on it, shove it up your anus, move it around, take some sonograms and then "click" it to take a few pieces of tissue to examine for whatever.

It was over within 15 minutes; I asked the doctor if there was a home version of the probe, and he laughed. "Sure, you can have a biopsy party with your friends!" he said.

So now I wait a few weeks. I'm very calm and sanguine about whatever they'll find. It could be entirely nothing, that I have a large prostate, or it's a "stone," which is what happened to my dad in his mid 60s. Back then, the just took it out. These days, they don't have to do something so drastic.....

Or it could be cancer, in which case, I'll get it treated and go on.

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