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Day 234

Update a go

As per usual a day off means back to being sent off-site, I have no idea if the supervisor is aware of this habit in the rota but we all notice. Especially when you then have to go and find 82 files spread over 6 rooms and three floors, who needs the gym? Especially when you have to do a second run as well!

So a mad day of physical exercise after a lovely day of being taken out of myself. It makes me realise what has been missing in my life and how far I've walked down the road away from those things but at least I can find the right direction and make changes. Then I will see if life is willing to play ball?

Apart from that it drizzled and that was it, I have no idea what happened in the world as I'm making a conscious effort to avoid the world news. I know this country needs putting down due to apathy but the rest of it just makes me angry. At myself mostly for allowing myself to bring children in to this world when I always said I wouldn't.

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