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Day 230

Updates again, what a slack Alice!

Now to use that quirky memory.

Shit nights sleep so woke up tired, far too many bad dreams of the little one all focused on loss. Their sudden disappearance and then searching for her, not good especially when I'm prone to nightmares and lucid dreaming. So I had that emotional stuff to drag through the day until it slid away and left me to it.

Off drinking coffee and munching cake and book planning again, well managed to sketch out how to link Descartes to Hegel and kind of make it flow as well as keeping it chronological so I can then refer back to it when I'm inside the dedicated chapters.

Apart from that its the first series of True Detective, which is sublime to say the least. If American TV carries on like this what is the point of movies and that time limited 2hrs when you can run a story arc over 10+hrs. Just makes me think where did it all go wrong for British drama? In my opinion the worst HBO drama is far better than out best stuff.

Now off to update Monday

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