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Day 100


I was supposed to be back east this week with my musician. Before he dumped me and took my replacement on the trip.

Instead I’m sitting on a tropical island alone.

It’s really weird. I’ve been here many times, but never without my parents and/or kids since they were born. There’s no urgency to do anything, or go anywhere, or eat, or shop. Nothing.

I met a guy last time I was here. He’s a boat captain and said he’d take me and the kids snorkeling and fishing when I came back. I texted him and he seemed pleased I’m here but vanished after establishing how long I’m going to be here. I’ll bug him later.

Meanwhile, my bff has a guy she wants me to meet back home. He’s a friend of her fiancé and apparently my dog likes him (she’s dog sitting while I’m gone). I’ve learned to trust her taste in men more than my own. She barked at my musician for four days straight (my dog, not my bff) when he was in town.

I guess we’ll see when I get back.

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