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Day 762

Vascular dementia

Had Ma tested for vascular dementia today. I wasn’t worried before we went in but I am worried now. I hadn’t realised thedoctor had suspected vascular dementia after his conversation with her. He referred her to the Memory Clinic. I didn’t think she had dementia, Beloved did. And after seeing how she performed in the tests I think she may have too. I’ll call the nurse tomorrow to find out more. I’m guessing she’ll have to go for a CT scan of her brain for them to find out more. I believe that she had been suffering a number of mini strokes. Every time she has a mini stroke oxygen fails to reach parts of her brain. Not infrequently she says she feels passingly strange, not here, odd. That’s probably the mini stroke. And then she appears to recover and be normal again. She is very incapable now, but she has been for a long time. I guess I’m too much with her to notice any real change. Ever since she had been with us, for two long years now, she appears to have been unable to do anything other than dress, undress and wash.

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