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Day 30

Verbal smack down

I got the ass kicking I desperately needed from my best friend. I was telling her about the rumors of the new girlfriend reaching me and my irritation with the friend who hadn’t told me... and she pointed out that this woman has been a good friend to me and I shouldn’t be hard on her. She pointed out that I was letting his horseshit affect my relationships with my friends and that was unacceptable. I hadn’t really realized how completely this has taken over my life.

He and I had several conversations before the crash about his past and his regrets. He said he wasn’t proud of some of it and he was striving to learn from his mistakes and be a better man. I’ve decided the man I fell in love with was the man he was trying to be. He was wonderful. I think the crash and subsequent brain scramble has made him regress. He said this was his opportunity to start over, but he’s repeating all his past mistakes.

He’s not ready for what I have to offer, and I want more than what he has to offer right now.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    9 months ago

    Many people don't have the fortitude to maintain the "progress" they've made over the years when things go wrong. Sounds like this gentleman's character wasn't enough to sustain him through his unfortunate accident, and he lapsed back. So sad, but you can only hope that maybe he can recover that which he lost.....

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