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Day 605


The best trip we've had away together in years! Vienna is regal and elegant. We've seen the wonderful Bruegel and Monet exhibitions. It's great that we take the paintings at the same slow place. And we've seen horses prancing about like ballerinas at the Spanish Riding school with the Lipizzaner stallions. In truth, a bit uncomfortable to watch strong, beautiful, muscular horses dancing about the ring like mechanical toys. We've enjoyed a too fast classical concert in the palace. Beloved told me that the performance of classical music has speeded up 30% in the last 40 years. No time for the soul, or the expression of feelings. We've been to the zoo, one with lots of little warm houses for us to get out of the snow in. We've toured the Schonbrunn Palace and we're even going to a morning church service tomorrow because the Cathedral is so amazing, so we can see it and enjoy the music. And in the afternoon we're going to this wobbly, colourful part of town; the arty, bohemian side of Vienna. No wonder we are blissed out. Beloved and I are getting along really well. Good sex, easy companionship ... even holding hands.

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