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Day 741

Watching the tidal wave approach...

It's my last full day on vacation, 90 miles north of NYC. When I left the city nearly 8 days ago, it was a much different place. Last Saturday I went shopping, walked home, where NewGal came to visit for a while; we sat on the couch and cuddled for a while, walked over to her place, then visited a friend who was in the early stages of "social distancing." Afterwards we went to a small restaurant where we dined on moussaka and bronzino.

We walked back to her place, lay on the couch a bit, and then I took an Uber home. But not before we exchanged some kisses.

That was before the schools and playgrounds shut down, then the restaurants and bars, then all non-essential businesses.

It was before the shortage of face masks.

There was not a lot of traffic when I left, but the roads weren't deserted either. Who knows what will await me when I get back early tomorrow evening.

I have been assured there will be lots of parking spaces, and the bodega around the corner from me will have its usual selection of diary and groceries. What else, I have not a clue.

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