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Day 124

Weird Dream From Last Night and Interpretation

We were getting married in a park. My wedding dress was red and steampunk-styled. Not something I'd want in real-life, but I felt powerful. The groom was Honeybun, but his face was blurry. All our loved ones were there. Everyone's cars needed to be moved, & for some reason I took this task upon myself. Then it started to rain, but it felt like good luck. The rain stopped quickly, the sun came shining out, and right when I started walking down the aisle all of the guests got in their cars to leave because they didn't approve of Honeybun. I collapsed and began sobbing. I looked at Honeybun and felt peace, and my best friend knelt on the ground next to me to say "It doesn't matter who it is. They'll never be good enough."

Looking at a dream-dictionary, I think it means I sacrifice too much to ensure others' happiness. My family and some friends think I should be with a millionaire-saint, but nobody will ever meet their expectations. And what do their expectations matter anyway, when my happiness is my own choice? I don't know yet if I'll marry Honeybun, but either way it will be MY choice.

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