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Day 499

Well, that date went a lot better than I expected!

I went on two dates last week, both of which I thought went well. Both women blew me off, one by ghosting, the other testing the "we had no chemistry" line (yet we did spend over 2 hours conversing during the date...)

I've dated women from all over, and tonight it was time to meet someone from Cyprus. We'd been corresponding via text for a few weeks, as I'd been away and she was busy with her kids visiting, so tonight we were able to meet at last....

....I liked her photos and we had a nice convo on the phone, but you know how it is: people can be very different depending in person....

She arrived late and I messed with her not knowing who she was, and called "April Fools!" on her. She rolled her eyes and then pulled one on me ("I quit my job today!") Everything went nicely from there on in... we laughed, shared some food, recounted our lives, the whole thing, but who knows?

She walked me to the subway, and I asked her point blank: are you going to ghost me? "Why would I do that?" she replied.

At home she texted me "thanks & good night!"

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