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Day 558

Well, that DID NOT go well!

I wake up from the operation in a massive fog, and I have to pee, really badly. The nurse comes over...

"Am I the King the Albania?" I ask her....
She smiles. "No, Mr. Diablo, you are NOT the King of Albania...."
I tell her I have to pee really badly and she hands me a bottle to put between my legs. But I can't relax my body and it is uncomfortable. Eventually I get up and go to the bathroom. It's bloody, bloody....

"You may feel some discomfort. Take Tylenol to control the pain, okay?"

Daughter picks me up, and I do not feel good. I fall into bed after taking some meds, and wake up 2 hours later in total pain. Incredible pain.

I get an Uber over to the local emergency room and cry out in pain for the next hour while they get me into a bed. They start an IV, and finally relief comes in the form of Dilantin, which is 10x stronger than morphine. And hour later, I'm crying again. New medication, repeat....

12 hours later they have pain under control and I go home with 3 different pain meds in hand.

Wake up feeling better, but weak.


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  • George Smith George Smith
    5 months ago

    I'm sorry, Rav, sounds really terrible. Glad the pain is under control now. Hope that remains the case. Thinking of you. x

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