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Day 510

Well, that is VERY weird siting on a dating site

I have a client I've been working with for the past 5 years. I know the family quite well, and have helped them out in different capacities at different times. I've visited their home, played with their kids, and although individually they're kind of strange, the fact that they're together has always made sense to me.

So I was really, really surprised when I saw the woman half of the couple on the dating site I use. Like really surprised.

Did they split up? She listed herself as "single," which doesn't indicate herself as divorced or separated. She didn't mention her kids.

So who knows what gives.... she's attractive in sort of a funny way, but her personality is a little "quirky" - well, I don't know if it's quirky, so much as bizarre. Their home has almost no furniture and she hasn't worked in years - her kids are at school all day, and the place is usually a little disheveled.

I've seen people I know on this website before (in one case it was a colleague who had some very, very bizarre sexual tastes), and just "blocked" them. I did the same for this person.

But it was friggin' weird.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    11 days ago

    I love seeing married religious people on single-dating chat sites right after attending church. The hypocrisy is off the charts hilarious. People are garbage.

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    11 days ago

    Back when I first dabbled in online dating I saw my recently-exed husband. Now THAT was weird.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    11 days ago

    Spread - these folks ain't religious at all - in fact, their as secular as can be. So you can save that comment for yourself....

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    10 days ago

    Let's just say, in the Gay world. Seeing your ex with another on a chat site usually happens

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