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Day 306

What a difference 24 hours makes

Today has been such a positive day with baby. I feel like when the clock strikes midnight, baby resets for the day and his personality and mood are reset.
He has fed well all day. I've been careful to start his feeds sitting him up, koala style so he can get his first lot of gas up straight away. He just burps on my boob and carries on sucking lol.
He was very unsettled this evening, we've had him up and down. I've fed him numerous times, and decided to change his nappy to see if that was the issue. Got him all changed and all the poppers on his grow done up and... Boom. Stink bomb in the fresh nappy. I was laughing at him so hard. All this evening we've been struggling and all he needed to do was poop!
I'm in the bath trying to ease my muscles. My back is killing me and this period is draining the life out of me. I can hear him screaming downstairs. We'll have to sort a bottle; my boobs are rung out dry! No milk left for a wee while yet.
Funtimes with a hungry baby!

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