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Day 336

What a difference a week makes

If you could have told me last Tuesday that in 1 weeks time I would have a super happy baby I would have kissed the ground you walked upon.

I was so close to a mental break down this time last week. I had a miserable baby who was super clingy, wasn't eating and wasn't sleeping.

I now have a baby who is so happy playing with toys whilst I potter about the house, who is eating solids like he hasn't seen food in days, and... Well, the sleeping is still bad but hey! Two outta three ain't bad!

It was knowing that things were going to get better that got me through. I am trying to imprint these good times in my brain so I know, it's going to get oh so much better each time I feel like I need to find my receipt and return this faulty baby.

Back to work in 2 and a half weeks. Let's hope the sleeping catches up to everything else before then...

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