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Day 51

What in the world do I want?

I don't want to be an admin assistant forever. The company I work for is great: I'm paid well, I have amazing benefits, given expensive holiday gifts, and taken on a yearly lavish vacation (called an "offsite meeting"). My coworkers are kind, and I have a great reputation with our clients who come in. When I'm treated rudely by a client, our company promptly drops them, as they value their employees' happiness.

But I don't want to be an assistant forever. I want something more than this - I just wish I knew what. I think I'd enjoy technical writing, but since I've never tried it I don't know. I'm a good communicator, I love interacting with people, and I'm regularly told I have a "sunshiny" or peppy personality. I like puzzles, and I enjoy being creative. I work just as well as part of a team or on my own... but really I'm not particularly "good" at anything other than writing.

I don't know how to get out of the assistant rut. I'd like to move up in this company, but the question is what is "up" for someone like me? An executive assistant? Project manager/coordinator? All glorified "assistant" positions...

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    12 months ago

    Maybe change your mindset, not your job. Maybe judge yourself on your life, not your career. Place your personal accomplishments, leisure time and hobbies to the top of the list, instead of career goals. Often we search for the greener grass, but the position that you've described is amazing. I wouldn't quit your job for anything. Embrace it. Why flip your life upside down because your silly ego wants more recognition? sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that you landed an amazing job. KEEP IT. Focus on your personal life a little more?

    Much love to you xo

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  • Otter Otter
    12 months ago

    You're right SpreadZero. I think it's just because of the way society perceives admin assistants - lazy personal servants who are seen as lesser-than. I had so many academic achievements in college, and friends/family/strangers bring up the "So, when are you going to do something more/meaningful/associated with your degree?"

    Maybe I'm just chasing a silly dream after all.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    12 months ago

    I got rid of all my "friends" that asked demeaning questions about my personal or career life. In fact, I rid myself of most toxic people within the last few Trump years. I'm finding that the only approval I need is from myself. People & family can be hurtful garbage, unless they are helping you up instead of down. I'm still not there myself, but I'm learning that most of the negativity I deal with is "trickle-down" from others. The art of missing daggers from others is a difficult one to teach. The art of putting yourself first is also on my list of tasks.

    I've read so many psychology articles. Usually, those that are angry are angry with themselves. People vomit their negativity on us all day. The secret is learning to deflect the negativity.

    The answer to "So, when are you going to do something more meaningful with your degree?" is "Thank you for your concern, but I feel I'm making sound choices in my life without your input. But thank you."

    :) xo much luv

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