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Day 465

When you get your mojo going....

So I checked in with the doc and he said I could skip a dose of one of my meds for a day and see if it would improve my time in bed with TheNewOne.


It doesn't hurt that she has the kind of body I just love to touch... there have been a few women in my life like that: it's not that they have "model" bodies, but that there's something about the shape, the curves, the color, the muscle, the sum of everything, that just drives me wild. I felt the same way about OldCrazyGF: I just couldn't keep my hands off her (even though if we didn't have sex every time we slept together (because she was on her period or whatever) she complained that I wasn't attracted to her....))

So NewOne and I (maybe I need to give her a name?) made love Thursday night and it was hot.... I mean, really hot. Because she likes it when I squeeze her body, and despite the fact that she's a small woman, she is all muscle, and likes my kneading.....

.... and since my mojo was there, we made some pretty crazy, passionate love, contorting ourselves into ecstasy....

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