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Day 576

When you're the one who is most connected with "reality."

I love my family, but....

On a good day, I'll admit that I try to ignore much of the stuff that goes on around me, because to give it to much attention would lead to thoughts of depression, and you know where that can lead....

But honestly, there's only so much of the constant monologue going on around me with EldestDaughter and DaughtersMother. EldestDaughter is 35; however, her emotional status would be more fitting to a 15 year old with arrested development: she seems to have all the working parts of an adult (I mean, she produced a child), but she acts in a way that is more consistent with a narcissistic child: she argues with her 3 year old daughter, mimics her when she whines (as all 3 year olds do), and then forces logic on her which is beyond the scope of a, well, 3 year old!

Her mother, my former partner, is easier to take, because she seems to exist in an alternate reality, one where her daughter's idiocy doesn't seem to bother her. She also talks constantly, filling the air with words that signify almost nothing.

I keep up a cheerful disposition through it all, because it is France.....

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    8 months ago

    She once was your wife who you must have loved dearly and between you
    You both produced your daughter
    Just stop a while to remember that
    Both locked in your heart .....

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