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Day 217

Where are we going?

So it reared its head again.The money issue.I'm renewing my mortgage and apparently,because he lives with me but doesn't contribute to the mortgage,he needs to sign a form to say that if we split up, he knows that he has no claim on the property.That's new info to me but,I am told,is something the mortgage people insist upon. I told him and his head turns into some sort of washing machine,with odd socks and shrunken sweaters spewing out of his mouth.

He feels he pays money (towards bills) for nothing.He has 'nothing'.That's why we can't get married.Because he has debts which he is paying so we can't come together financially.I've never suggested that we do come together financially.I never want to be financially attached to anyone again after the divorce.He thinks that by signing the mortgage form I'm preparing to end the relationship.I've reassured him I'm not and I'm doing what I've been asked.

I'm questioning the point of a relationship where this keeps cropping up.I'm sad he won't marry despite the fact that I don't know if that's what I want.I feel sad about what he said.Where are we going?

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  • Rodeo Rodeo
    30 months ago

    Stick to your guns. And if he won't accept it (and the fact he brings nothing to this relationship, financially) then jog on. He's not going to bully you! Xx

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  • Pinkdragon Pinkdragon
    30 months ago

    if he won't ask then he doesn't want to. I am in the same boat. x

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