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Day 556

Where has it gone to?

So the hormone therapy has kicked in - I got a major shot in the tuchus from my doc the other day, and while I still love looking at women and thinking about how to make contact with them, my desire to touch them and get aroused has pretty much vanished.

Sure, viagra/cialis might make me get my mojo back, but what good would that be without my juiced up libido? I'll be done with the hormone therapy by Christmas (and won't that be a nice present for the new year?), but for now, what to do with all this lack of sexual energy?

And it's not like I lack all energy: today I did a few hours of hard labor in the burning son, and then, after a quick nap, went to the gym and worked on the machines and hit the punching bag for a few rounds.

So maybe it's a hiatus, maybe it's a preview of what's to come in my old age. The slipping away of desire; oh, oh, what will I be if it all goes away? What can I do to keep it?

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