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Day 151

Who gets robbed this often?

Honeybun's bank account has been compromised for the third time in a year. His whole account had been drained (again) the night he went out with Bear, and he only realized it yesterday. One of the vendors at the event may have stolen his card information when he made a purchase - or maybe someone nearby had an RFID reader, though he keeps his cards in an RFID protected wallet... Hell, they were both so drunk, maybe he just had his card laying out on the bar at one point for someone to peek at. We don't know. What I do know is it's abnormal for this to happen to someone three times in a year. I've told him he should reach out to the bank and ask about protection programs. I use the same bank and pay a monthly fee for them to watch for any weird activity. If they notice anything abnormal, they call to verify the transaction. I've never had any issues, and they've only had to call once, though I also keep close eye on my accounts. Honeybun is frustrated, and he will have to wait a week for the bank to replace his lost funds.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    3 weeks ago

    Who gets robbed this often?

    Someone who drinks their own money and says (by their actions) 'Here's the key where I get it from'.

    If a card is handed to a vendor to take a payment it can be scanned and duplicated in a trice.

    Are the payments that much different from the others such that they would be noticed? To you maybe - but to the bank?

    Change your bank to one that doesn't charge for that sort of checking that is just automatic. Monthly fees are the most insidious form of wealth transfer - slow but sure.

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