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Day 20

Wife meets ex girlfriend

For about 5 years after we split up, E and I kept in occasional contact. About a year after I married she came down to visit for a weekend. My wife had met her briefly at our wedding, but this was the first time they had ever really got to talk.

They got on well. After all, they had something in common - me! It was a lovely weekend and we caught up on the gossip from the years that had passed. Some might think it would have been a bit uncomfortable for my wife or E, but as I had never had sex with E, so we quickly settled back into being friends. E started to come to visit about twice a year and we all looked forward to her visits.

I feel sorry for E. Since we split up she has had a number of relationships, a couple of which have found her moving in with a boyfriend. In both cases she was with him for a couple of years before he dumped her for a younger version.

She is a lovely lady - she deserves better ....

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  • Lammy Lammy
    61 months ago

    Wow, props to your wife! I don't think I could handle that! How lovely that you can all behave like adults and get on! lovely lovely lovely!

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  • Aussiemale Aussiemale
    61 months ago

    Yes, she is a special lady! My next journals will be about how we met. I'd better watch out or I will run out of things to write about!

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