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Day 36

Winter is coming

So the dark nights and mornings are coming in. The clouds are gathering, the cold is creeping in.

I am convinced I suffer from S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder. This past week I have slept on longer and had to rush about to get my son out the door. I do have a tendency to be much more lethargic and sleep more during the winter months.

I wasn't always like this but then before I left home for the more central part of of the city we were quite high up on the outskirts. It meant we seen much more of the daylight before the rest of the city.

So I'm back at the gym having started back this week. Hopefully it will help with my energy levels.

I have also booked two nail courses, the first to start in December.

It will keep me busy and focused. Not that I need anything to keep me busy. I always seem to be anyway.

Here's to a busy finish to the year to keep winter at bay and stop hibernation setting in.

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