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Day 51


My Thoughts swim around my Head . I love my Cat more than anything in this world , I have spent a full day ringing round putting things right , getting everything organised but my thoughts come to me in between tasks.
I feel something missing in my Life , I have come to a standstill, people, circumstances block what I would like to do , where I would like to go ..
I am tied to this moment, I really admire people who
JUST DO ........
I want to be Free, to fly and land wherever then get on with what I am given.
I know Life is passing me by
When will it be MY time I wonder ??
For now I will Plod , I have People, Money, Property but I want to run into the abyss....
Am I having a mid life crisis
The clock is ticking
Look forward never look back my Father used to say
I will do just that
Any advice would be grateful

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