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Day 238


Love days where colleagues play up to stereotypes.
One hates change but thats what's happening and is now going sick after playing the martyr for a short staffed year. So sick note in hand informs all she's off but then takes 2hrs to leave and takes all her paperwork with her. So we know she's going to be accessing work emails at home.
Two, clash of personality with the manager and still sees nothing positive and only sees the manager as vile.
I love the human condition

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    38 months ago

    I feel you on this. I've been having the most challenging couple of years with work colleagues. They are toxic, self-involved, inexperienced and behave like children. I've had a coworker stab me in the back in front of my manager only because she is jealous. She wants my job. She thought she could destroy me throwing me under a bus. I took that bus and broke her to pieces in a private meeting with her manager and mine. Karma kicks ass. Best of luck to you! I pretend the bad ones are mosquitos now.

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