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Day 537

Yeah, another Father's Day here....

I'm not much for "Greeting Card" holidays, those ones that were made up specifically to sell cardboard (stupidest card I saw: "Happy Father's Day From Your Nephew.") or all manner of crap that "fathers" don't want and don't need (I don't use aprons when I cook and I haven't played a round of golf in 40 years....)

But I'll spend part of today with 2/3 of my kids (one lives overseas; if she remembers, maybe I'll get a text....)

I've been a father for the past 28+ years; my idea of "fatherhood" (or, more generally, "parenthood") has been to be a teacher, a consultant, a supporter, a gentle critic, a model, a confidant.....

As a father, it is my joy and privilege to share my life with them, and I'm appreciative for what they share with me. I've cooked hundreds of meals for them, traveled tens of thousands of miles together, exchanged millions of words, jokes, stories, opinions.... and while it wasn't always easy, I'm never regretful for the time and effort it took.

It isn't over yet: with some luck, I'll be a father for another 28 years, and I hope it's no different than the past.

Happy "greeting-card-holiday" "Father's Day."

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