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Day 636

Yet another hideous doctor's office...

I've had to visit a lot of doctors' offices over the past few months, and I have to say there is one thing they all seem to have in common: they are, almost without fail, hideously ugly and depressing.

One office I went into was in the basement of a building and had a bunch of old chairs lined up in rows facing the same direction. There was a bookcase with some old photos in them (faded and in chipped frames) and little paintings that looked they were made by the world's worst artist (I suspect it was the receptionist, who had piles and piles of paper on her desk, in full view of everyone.)

Above is the office of an opthamologist I had to visit on Thursday to get a test to make sure a new medication wouldn't cause glaucoma. I mean, this office was so depressing that I developed suicidal thoughts after 12 minutes.

I know doctors make pretty good livings, so why can't they just take a day's worth of their earnings and decorate their offie so that they appear a little warmer and inviting than solitary confinement in an Afghan prison....

What's been your experience? Are worse than mine?

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