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Day 295

You're Gone

I feel good today. You are finally gone.
It took so long and so much pain and so many years and so many tears but you are now just a memory.

This feels good. This feels right. You shouldn't have stuck around for as long as you did, but I'm a moron who didn't understand that I deserved better. I deserve so much better. Maybe you're not the person who abused my trust and my love like those years ago you once did, but you didn't stop the abuse of my mental health, my emotional health, you just never stopped invading my life and showing me how great your life turned out to be and how terribly mine was decaying.

I think you might have loved that comparison, who knows? I no longer hold any interest for speculating over you in any manner.

I was a moron for letting you in over and over again. I shouldn't have responded to you any time you tried getting in touch. I felt disgusted with my past self but I've forgiven her for I've learnt from her mistakes.

I am stronger now. I am wiser now. I am whole and will never let that torture begin again.

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