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Day 614

Young and old

‘I’m just going to yell ‘Fck off!’ to you if you start speaking to me again.’ He’s been sullen all day. I ask him what’s going on in his head. He tells me how he hates this family and this home. We are boring and only say the same thing over and over again. He can’t wait to get away. How are you going to get away without any qualifications? How are you going to pay for yourself? ‘Obviously I’m going to get qualifications.’ ‘How?’ ‘Shut up. I don’t want to speak to you.’

I am hurt. It is difficult not to push and question.

I mentioned to Owl on the phone that Ma and I had been watching a film about Wako and David Koresh. He said, 'Oma watched that earlier this month. She told us about it and how she had been in Texas when it happened.’ At the end of watching I asked Ma if she had ever seen it before and she said, ‘No, why, have you?’ When we started watching it she told me that she had been in Texas at the time. In 1993 she and Dad had been Naples.

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