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Day 619

1 year

A year ago today, I met V. I cannot believe its been a year already. We were going to mark the occasion with going out for dinner and a few drinks. But we both had a bit of an exlesive week with one thing and another happening. But, we did exchange gifts, mine to him was framed pictures kf our year together. He loved it, and to cook us both dinner. He bought me flowers and jewellery. Unexpected, but very nice and it was something i had always wanted. We had a great day, and I know I have had doubts about things in the past. But they we're just silly hormonal things. I actually think his Mam may have told him off at some stage. But in all honesty hes a good man, and hes what I need and want.

Hope everyone is keeping well. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

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