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Day 28

2 L8 2 D8? The Thin Blonde

So I'm a somewhat advanced age and swirling in the morass of singlehood and coupling is me. People complain about dating all the time, but the sad reality is this: dating has always been hard. In fact, I've done so much of it in the last 12 years that I could probably turn it into a career.

Here's a memory: I arrive at the bar early, order a tall drink, and flirt a little with the bartender a bit. She's cute and totally out of my age range, but you always have to be practicing your game, no?

She shows up: "Are you R? "Are you A?" "Yes, I'm A." "Oh, then I'm not R." A quizzical look followed by a smile follows.

We sit at the bar and it's loud, but she's warm and very physical: she touches my hand, and draw in close to me as we talk, and we trade observations about the joint where we are meeting.

I convince bartender to let us take our happy hour drinks to the back room, where it's quieter and cooler. She pulls up her chair adjacent to mine, and before you know it, I'm stroking her thin and muscular leg.

Good date!

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