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Day 229

A no alarm morning

Still I woke up at 7, so nothing new there, damn.

Breakfast, reading but nothing academic just pleasure.

A rant on Facebook about VJ day and the usual ethnocentric bias and a scant mention of the atomic bomb causalities, which I really have a problem with. Contemplation is needed not nationalism!

In other rants "Man causes extinction on megafauna" using statistical analysis we can confirm but we don't know why, excellent piece of academic research. They passed their degrees and now teach!

A nice day of sun so after a few things and making my self look presentable, not like an unkempt reprobate who hasn't slept. It was off into the outside world for Coffee and cake and academic reading.

Town was quiet as it always is when the sun's out, so no fogeys joining me today. Managed some book planning of where to next (1620s-1780s) Yippee!

Talked to SF which was lovely and enjoying season 1 of True Detective, love the existential drug induced angst of McConaughey that fits the noir feel and every shot framing isolation and decay of the human spirit.

I still feel that emptiness of missing the little one and I'm wondering if my quirky memory is not helping me.

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