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Day 4

3 days left

On Friday I go back in to work for the first time since going off on Maternity Leave. Very nervous about all the attention being on me but looking forward to getting my job back for abit now I think which must mean the pills are helping things. Just annoyed that I've put on weight because that doesn't help me feel good really. I know I need abit of mummy time and work time to feel 100% me but it will be a shock to the system. I wonder what's more tiring,.... my job or looking after Peanut all day...think I'll need to make a playlist of empowering songs! haha

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    86 months ago

    I am sure peanut will be the most exhuasting but the most rewarding as well ;-) Empowering songs all the way! Just think, you will get a bit of you back as well as being mum - best of both worlds ;-) x

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  • Waiting for a life Waiting for a life
    86 months ago

    One kiss for you x and one for the beautifully named Peanut x

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