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Day 43

Who else gets fuming pissed every Sunday night?

Typically, every Sunday night I have somewhat of a manic anxiety depression attack because the weekend's over already. Facing the fact that I have to return to work within just hours angers me weekly.

It doesn't matter if I like my job or not. I hate mornings and always have. I hate getting up. It makes me angry to crawl out of bed. I have wanted to sleep in for hours and hours since I was a child. My partner is constantly harassing me because at my age I "should be up like him around 8am on a Saturday."

Really?! What about all those years I never got sleep in? Like, maybe the six years in the military? Or, the seven years in college while working almost full-time? I'll never forget that I didn't sleep in during high school either. I was in the swimming pool at 5am with the swim team. So no, I completely disagree.

I love sleeping in and always will...

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  • runcicle runcicle
    38 months ago

    Seven years at college! What did you study?

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    38 months ago

    I have a master's degree in Architecture; we called it "Archi-torture" in school. I love my job, but the "Office Space" work life has taxed most of the intrigue out of my daily routine. Now, it feels like all I ever do is confirm whether or not something is allowable by building code or feasible to proceed with a design.

    I should be extremely happy with my job, and many days I am. I'm no longer that green junior intern that slaves away doing 50% of everyone else's work. I'm no longer flying to meet with clients or contractors every other week. I'm no longer crunching AutoCAD drawings like a robot into the late hours of the morning every weekend at the office. I'm no longer running trips to FedEx every Friday to drop off numerous large rolls of drawings to be overnighted to another City's Planning Dept.

    I'm in a position that I enjoy very much most of the time. But, there are many days where the urge to draw and design like I had enjoyed in school has been replaced with hours upon hours of meetings attempting to build something without any design due to scheduling and budget restraints. It's easier to copy and paste everything today.

    I struggle with enjoying my job weekly because it has transformed into something entirely different than architecture. I feel more like I'm running an adult daycare center for people trying to manage themselves out of a paper bag.

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