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Day 40

Humans are only distractions from your happiness.

If one could live their life without any contact with humans, it would be a peaceful life. Humans are socially needy, nosey, opinionated, judgmental, selfish, mean, greedy and inconsiderate towards others.

Unfortunately, humans must have some resemblance of a social life with others or their brains suffer psychological consequences.

Younger people even value their own character and livelihood by how many friends they have. Popularity within their social peers is extremely important. But, the younger generations are more focused on quantity than the quality people.

Thirty-something years later, we are almost entirely focused on quality relationships with others. The level of toxicity a person demonstrates to others will decide their fate in relationships with older, wiser humans.

Learning to shield yourself and create boundaries from toxic people is one of the greatest lessons in life you'll ever learn.

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