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Day 144

My Life Is Meaningless - I Must Make You Mine.

For so long I've been afraid of love, and feeling any kind of emotional attachment to a person. Being close is all too much for me, I suppose it comes from a fear of being hurt, abandoned... Again...

But you... Your words don't scare me. Your advances don't chase me off. Your kisses and touches don't make me want to run away.

Whats wrong with me?!

You tell me your life hadn't had any meaning for so long. Mine hadn't either. We have both been drifting around in the world trying to understand, trying to get by, trying to figure out what we are doing... And here, we have found one another.

You tell me, "My life is meaningless, I must make you mine."

Inside of me, a voice I suspected long dead replies, 'I'm yours.'

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