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Day 261

A good day

I bought my first pair of reading glasses today. Gulp. I was in the pound shop and they looked fun and frivolous so I thought it would be okay to dip my toe into the serious business of getting older. And then I went on to buy myself a pair of funky (but comfortable) shoes from Deichmann.... really great shop.

We have Peachy's French exchange staying with us. Her friend has his friend staying with her so they all went off to play by the seaside together while I went shopping. M doesn't say anything. It must be exhausting and daunting staying with a strange family. Tomorrow I will ask him about his family when we have a moment together. I didn't want to over power him today.

Then I took Sunny and Polly to a party 45 minutes away - a long round trip for me. Black tie with a crepe machine. Sunny said he was going to station himself next to the crepe machine. He also said that he gets butterflies before every party he goes to. I'm surprised because he has the very confident Polly beside him.

I left dear Beloved ironing... and he's done it all!

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