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Day 561

A disturbed night.

Didn't get to sleep until after 1 this morning, even though I was shattered.

Then I woke to what I thought was the alarm going off on my phone. Groggily swipe it off, and droft back off for a few minutes. Then it goes off again. Stops and starts again a few minutes later. It was a phone call.

Random guy had decided that 6 am was a perfectly good time to call seeing as I wasn't in work and djdnt have to dash off anywhere.

I was furious, why the #### can't he phone at a normal time? Eventually I got soo pissed off with his evasiveness, that I snapped at him. I'd had enough, either he talked to me properly or I was hanging up. Hus reply " Ahhh its not worth the headache " I hung up. Went to sleep. When I woke I text him asking him not to call again. That should keep him quiet for a month or 2, if I'm lucky maybe forever.

Seeing V tomorrow, I can't wait, I've missed him sooo much. So night night and sweet dreams, sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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