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Day 564

A productive day

Work was busyish, spent the first hour fixing someone else's mistakes and doing the paper work they couldn't be bothered to do. I was not impressed with this person. And when she started to get snappy I soon put her in her place. I've no time for people whk can't b bothered to pull their weight. And my patience is wearing quite thin with one or 2 people in the department. Other people are looking to try to improve their performance and are trying to find ways of not making mistakes. And I'm trying to set in place a system where there are less chances of those mistakes happening again. Well see how that goes over the next couple of weeks.

Other news, I'm seeing V on Friday, he'll have a free house for a couple of hours woohooo. And he wants to see me on Sunday too. I'll have to see what I can arrange.
I also have Bs pts meeting tomorrow. There are a couple of teachers whom I shall be putting to rights. Lol

Hope everyone is well. Sending out lots of love, big hugs and big big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Mousie Mousie
    16 months ago

    Huggles and nosey rubs Tammie xxx

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