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Day 39

worst christmas

Over the last two months my dad has been in hospital, he had a brain aneurysm, they gave him a day to live until they tried a dangerous operation which was a success, they gave him some physical therapy, then they decided he needed to eat and drink more before releasing him so we got him eating and drinking, then they decided he needed signed off by a consultant, who was never around, then they spotted something on a scan and had to rule out lung cancer, which they did, then he caught an infection and had to miss christmas, they never mentioned this but spent that week explaining he was coming home the next day and changing their minds three times, the infection is resistant to antibiotics and causing him to pee blood so now they have decided to wait for a prostate consultant before releasing him, the next appointment being in 5 weeks time.
I have spent christmas wondering if my dad will ever get better and be released back home, spending all day waking up, popping into the hospital all afternoon,getting home having 2 hours free and repeat.
i have no life and no end in sight.

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