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Day 352

New-Ex: New Years Greetings & She Moves On

I emailed New-Ex to wish her a happy new year, check in and ask her what to do with a few bits of clothing she left behind. She writes back immediately (which was rare while we were together.) She's doing well, holidays were good, kids are doing well, and instructed me to toss out the clothing she left behind, as she was cleaning house.

She also agreed that we didn't belong together, that she's pretty much over it, and that she has good memories of care and affection.

This morning I wake up and decide to check my profile at OkCupid, which I keep active for all shits & giggles. Someone has "liked" me from a while back; I notice that it's someone who has been on the site with the same photos for over 5 years, so I delete her and start to close the app.

Then a photo shows up: it's New-Ex's profile! The photos are nice (albeit old ones) and the profile is honest, with the exception of her jealousy, paranoia, judginess (yes, that's a word) and fears of aging, not to mention the crazy daughter. She'll get lots of attention; I pity the dude who ends up with her.

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