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Day 492

Being a parent.

'Come and look at this!' A news piece about helicopter parents. I’m one, she thinks. I told her that I’m not. Just doing my job. I’m not overly interfering, but I’m there to try to make sure they study, to offer emotional support if they need it, and advice and support with their studies. Yes, I try to get them to behave properly, speak properly, be part of the family team and all that. I don’t interfere with the school, nor with their friends, I don’t stop them from doing things that they want to unless I think it will harm them " ie playing too much on the X box, eating too much, being lazy.

On the other hand I don’t feel that she is in a position to judge. She sent all her boys off to boarding school at the age of 7. She was an absent parent. I was lucky and stayed at home until 11. Until the age of 11 it was a magical time for me. Most of the time I was an only child. My youngest brother left home when I was 6, my eldest when I was one.

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