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Day 347

I know i shouldn't but it was good

We met at a training course. Just some engineers learning new tricks and skills. I noticed him for his dark eyes. He noticed me as my top was just reveiling the top of my breasts.
We spent the day learning. And catching each other's eyes.
Then came the evening meal and course wrap up. I wore a buttoned dress, he wore a white shirt.
Food came and went, then suddenly he was by my side, wine in hand. My breath was short and I trembled slightly when I took the offered wine.
We chatted.
He brushed my hand. I didn't complain. He touched my hair. I didn't complain. He touched my leg. I complied.
His touch was strong and bold. Hands soft and cool. I fell into those dark and alluring eyes.
My heart was racing and my body ready.
In some subtle way we found ourselves in his room. He caressed my body and found more skin to touch.
I let him explore.
Many buttons were undone. Slowly

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  • runcicle runcicle
    10 months ago

    These are the connections that are remembered for ever, together with a 'what if?'

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