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Day 437

an evening at the Whitney: Warhol

Here in NYC we got lots and lots of culta. More culta than you can imagine. If you live in NYC and want to consume this culta, you got to have lots o' dollas.

A culta center in NYC is the Whitney Museum of American Art, and an afternoon there will run you about $25. That's a lot of dollas for a few hours of culta, but of course, that's NYC for you.

So a friend who is a member of the Whitney invited me as a guest, which meant we got to skip the hour long line, and then I only paid $10 to get into the exhibit.

And what a massive exhibit of Warhol, an American original if there ever was one, it is. At one point we stood in front of a 20 foot portrait of Mao, and I commented:

"You know, making a huge portrait of world leader, an icon, and then feminizing him with lipstick and eye shadow, was pretty scandalous. Imagine if you tried doing this to Putin? There would be death squads sent out from Moscow!"

An attractive woman behind us overhears this remark, smiles and nods.

heh heh... I still got it....

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