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Day 439

Will the trans-drama never end?

So, I "misgendered" a colleague the other day at work, purely accidentally and without any malice. It was a momentary lapse. Well, trans-colleague sent me a flaming email stating that I was a misogynist (how could I be this old and not know it?) and she had to be protected and I was not to communicate with her in any way. Oh, and she cc'ed this rant to our bosses, as well as some third party people who have no need to know about this.

I wrote an apology, a very sincere one at that, and this only elicited more fire and fury from the trans-colleague, who also cc'ed it to same parties. My apology had been private.

I thought about this: for the past 8 years, I've worked with this person "before" and "after" she transitioned, and we've always had a good relationship. I came to the conclusion that this colleague is either under serious stress or suffering from a sever trauma, which is causing her to act like this, especially because she did exactly the same thing to another colleague.

I wrote to my bosses expressing my concern and hoping that they could help her, because I do value her.

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  • Miss Pickles Miss Pickles
    17 months ago

    There are many people at this game now. This behaviour is for one gain the moral high ground ( make u feel bad) and then treat them above others (like u owe them something) . Its become an epidemic.

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  • Miss Pickles Miss Pickles
    17 months ago

    Don't fall for the manipulation!!

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