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Day 441

Anonymous we are....

One of the things that Charmante claims broke up our relationship was that she found my journal here. What really bothered her was that this is a "public forum" and that I shared a lot of things with people, humiliating her in the process. Of course, I also shared a lot of very, very positive things, especially about my deep devotion to her.

But it all didn't matter, and in a way, it all served as a test.

It was a test of her grasp of reality: it seems that no matter how I explained it to her, she couldn't understand that the few people who are here don't actually know each other, and there is some kind of unwritten code that we never will. We're all just putting words down here, but we don't have the ability to find out one another's identities, and that's the point. But no matter how much I explained it to her, she still thought it was "public."

Second, it showed how she looked at me; instead of focusing on all the lovely things I said about her, she could only see the few critical things.

These are what really pulled us apart, among others.

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