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Day 454

Etouffé and Focaccia: The Way To a Woman's Heart?

So, reluctant but open not-too-far-from-me date comes over and we have a quick dinner together: I make my first etouffé, a wonderful Creole shrimp stew with celery, peppers, garlic and onion in a thick roux, along with a Ligurian focaccia, which I saw on a food show and love making at least once a month. She loves it. We then set off on our mission: the Shoprite "CanCan" festival in some part of Brooklyn that I really don't visit very often, if at all.

She's a safe driver, and she guides me through the aisles, we talk about food, and money and I'm kind of nervous, because I want to both make a good impression but also be myself. I mean, I can try doing both, but that's a hard one for me, as I tend to the irreverent.....

It's a really fun experience, with a cross section of the working class Brooklynites coming together, from Pakistanis to Chasids, all looking to get the best prices on canned corn, beans and pasta. At one point, we rescue an adorable 4 year old and return her to her grandmother.

And we sit in her car, discuss spirituality and other weighty matters.

And hug goodbye.

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